At Mankato Computer Repair we pride ourselves on our comprehensive support and helping our customers to resolve problems before they start. MCR Premier Care is a program we designed to give our Personal Technology customers the same kinds of proactive solutions that we offer for our business clients.

For Home & Personal Computers

What are the benefits?

  • Resolve Issues without leaving your house.
  • Receive notifications of potential problems before they occur!
  • Save money on repair.

$99 Yearly Subscription Includes:

  • Remote Desktop Support: Fix your computer without having to bring it in. Check out our post on remote support here.
  • System Monitoring: Early detection of issues helps to avoid bigger problems.
  • Webroot Enterprise Antivirus
  • Live Drive (for unlimited offsite data backup)
  • Lower Cost Incremental Billing Structure*

*Remote repair billed in 15 minute increments at $25 per increment, rather than regular $100 minimum onsite charge.
*Credit card required to sign up.