Cloud computing now offers exciting new opportunities for managing IT needs and infrastructure.  Many services and products that used to have to be maintained in-house can now be outsourced to cloud services for a fraction of the price.

However, cloud solutions can have serious limitations.  For businesses with slow internet connections, many cloud products are simply not realistic.  At Mankato Computer Repair, we are big proponents of “hybrid cloud solutions” that allow you to have one foot in the conventional on-premise approach and one foot in the more modern cloud computing world.

Hybrid cloud solutions essentially mean that your data is stored both locally and in the cloud, giving you the best of both worlds.  Local data storage means quick access to the data, and cloud storage means an ever-present offsite backup and the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world.  Hybrid solutions synchronize your data between your localized storage and your cloud storage.

We frequently implement various hybrid cloud solutions, including:

  • Microsoft 365 Hosted Exchange Email – This service replaces the traditional Microsoft Exchange Server, which required an expensive on premise server that had to be maintained and periodically replaced. Instead of making that upfront hardware investment, you pay a small monthly fee to have your email hosted in the cloud.  The cloud hosting means you can get to your email from anywhere on any internet connected device.  However, 365 Hosted Exchange also stores a copy of your email data on your machine locally, meaning that you will get great performance and always have a local copy of your data.
  • Remote Web Access – This service turns your existing on premise server into your own personal cloud server. It sets up a webpage where your staff can login and access resources on your server.  This means any of the files and folders you can access on your server in your office are also available on outside networks.  Remote Web Access also gives you the ability to remotely control computers in your office if so desired.
  • SharePoint – This service provides another method to synchronize the locally stored data on your on premise server with the cloud. SharePoint provides a great interface for storing, sorting, and accessing your server data from anywhere with an internet connection.

These hybrid solutions provide the best of both worlds.  They allow for most (if not all) of the benefits of cloud solutions, while maintaining the performance you are accustom to with on premise solutions.  These solutions are perfect for businesses that want to begin moving toward cloud solutions in a measured and thoughtful way.

If you’re interested in pursuing these solutions for your business, call Mankato Computer Repair today for a free consultation!