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I was looking for a company to help us install new computers and make it a smooth and efficient transition, because we rely on using our computers for the majority of every day. The company I chose to work with was Mankato Computer Repair.  The day of the install went great and we were up and running in no time.  We also purchased their monthly maintenance program where they keep an eye on your server from their office, so if anything unusual pops up they can be on it right away.  It’s been worth the investment! As a result, I have complete confidence that should a computer issue come up that they have our back and we will never again have to waste valuable hours trying to figure out a computer glitch/issue on our own..

Dar V.

Broker/Owner, Realty Executives River Valley

As a solopreneur, I need technology to keep my business organized, stay in touch with clients and create/manage my resource materials. I, however, am not a techie and used to freak out when anything didn’t work the way I thought it should. When I signed up for managed services with Wes’s team, it made a huge difference in my work productivity. I no longer had to take time to figure out things myself. I just call the Help Desk and they help solve the issue. It’s amazing to have my own IT team! Thanks Wes!

Heather L.

Owner, Ludwig Coaching

We use Mankato Computer Repair for handling our 5 computers/laptops for Visiting Angels in our Mankato office. They helped us switch over to windows 10 with out losing any of our files, installed anti virus and are very prompt and professional if anything goes wrong or if we have questions. They know how important it is for us not to have down time without computers, and they treat us like a priority. Thanks for all you do!

Janessa B.

Visiting Angels

I believe this is a great place to bring your computer for repairs. My first two times going to Mankato Computer Repair they talked with me and looked over my computers and informed me that it would not be worth my time and money to have them repair them. The most recent time they did have to work on my computer and they basically gave me a new computer with the repairs they did. While they were fixing the computer they kept me informed and asked for my approval on each action they took. When informing me of cost, they did their best to give me accurate prices. I definitely recommend Mankato Computer Repair.

Ross A.

Great Customer Service & Very Reliable.

Penny R.

Brought my laptop in as my hard drive was no longer showing up in my computer. They were very good about explaining me what was happening. After testing they determined that two of the sectors were bad and hard drive was no longer functioning. They recovered all my data off of my old hard drive (Music collection and all of my graduate research). Fast turn-around time and the most affordable place in town by far.

Heather L.

Joseph S.

Best place in town to learn about trends in the industry and how to keep your computer safely up and running.

Trevor W.

Mankato Computer Repair upgraded VINE’s old, at-capacity servers to new, migrated our internal Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 in the cloud, and has given this “accidental techie” IT peace of mind with their network and desktop managed services. The staff at MCR know what level of tech-talk I can understand and phrase their explanations accordingly. With MCR, IT is no longer synonymous with anxiety for me..

Debra Z.

CPA, VINE Faith in Action

MCR in under two weeks time has completed the following: Saved countless hours of Data on a hard drive that failed us and hadn’t been backed up for quite some time. Retrieved and restored every last byte of data. Then in good salesmanship, explained how our business could truly benefit from not only a solid and more reliable data storage system, but understood the budget our business could afford and size of a system we’d need.

So we are proud to say that MCR installed our server completely and began the process of migrating our data onto the server, setup all of our store computers to work seamless with our new server. Then to top it off got us squared away with off site cloud storage so that never again do we have to worry about being caught without access or backups of our date.

Thanks to Wes, Ty, Kevin and all the staff at MCR!

Jay D.

Owner, The Visual Identity Vault

Very happy with this computer place. They are straight forward and honest. They’ve always helped me find a solution to my tech problems and I highly recommend them.

Nadalie J.

I am working with these folks long distance in order to fix a computer I built and shipped to a MN resident. These are good folks!!! Their charges are reasonable and they keep you up to date regarding whether or not any other components need replaced. My experience so far almost makes me wish I lived in Minnesota so I could work for them. Almost! If it weren’t for this thing called snow. Anyway, I highly recommend this shop and appreciate Colin’s help and expertise.

Richard A.

Place is the best in town for customer service backed by skilled technicians who always have the best interests of the customers in mind when giving recommendations.

Kyle S.

I have taken my laptop computer to these guys twice and they are wonderful. They explained things to me at my level so I could understand and were excellent diagnosticians. The prices they quoted me were exactly what I paid. Can’t recommend them highly enough!

Linda H.

I have had the best experience here! They were honest, helpful, respectful and listened to my concerns and answered questions I had openly. I was left feeling confident they could help me get my computer working properly and at a fair price. I would highly recommend them to friends and family. Well worth my hour drive to have them service my computer.

Nadalie J.

An important tool in our business is our computers, whether they run our practice software or our medical devices. Conducting business without computers would be impossible. Selecting the Managed Services option has been a definite value to our business. The staff at Mankato Computer Repair are great to work with; professional, intelligent and available for our needs. We can practice veterinary medicine and leave our IT to Mankato Computer Repair..

Ken A.

D.V.M., Minnesota Valley Pet Hospital

Wes and the team are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Since Life-Work Planning Center contracted with Mankato Computer Repair to manage our IT, we are enabled to stay focused on our mission & providing direct services.

Jean W.

Life-Work Planning Center

Working with Mankato Computer Repair has been a great business decision. Wes and his team understand the needs of a business and they partner with us to give us the most efficient and economical I.T. solutions. They provide practical, intuitive ideas in a manner and language that is very professional and yet easy to comprehend. The staff is extremely customer service oriented. Whenever we call them with a problem their response times are as fast as any vendor I have ever worked with. We always feel like we are a top priority even when the issues are not urgent..

Mike D.

Farrish Johnson Law Office

LOVE MCR! I am a current college senior. I was unable to use my computer for the past 3 semesters. I was greeted immediately. I was talked to with much dignity and tact. Andy and Steven did not talk to me like I was a “dumb woman” who knew nothing about computers, which I don’t. Andy kept me up to date while working on my computer. I decided I would go through them to get my new battery and charger. Andy even went beyond the call of duty and searched around for the best price on a charger for me, as I asked for a cheaper one. I am beyond happy with the service. I also just received an email from Wes Gilbert asking how my computer was working. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I HIGHLY recommend Mankato Computer Repair and I will be going back!

Nicole K.

Mankato Computer Repair save me so much time! I’ve tried and tried to do things myself but I do not have the knowledge these experts do. They saved me money because I could get back to work doing my own job! Thank you!

Amber P.

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable! Professional from start to finish. I myself work in customer service and I have to tip my hat to these guys how calm and professional they remain when dealing with customers. Technology can be stressful, these guys do the best at explaining problems and providing all possible solutions. With most all things in live you get what you pay for, these guys took the time to provide me with the “quick fix” option which would solve my problem but not provide as good of results as the “right Way” to fix it. They broke it down for me, not to up sell me but to allow me to make an educated decision to best fit my personal needs. Would definitely recommend.

Tyler H.