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Is your technology empowering your business to fulfill its potential?

Mankato Computer Technology’s technology solutions focus on making your business run better. We implement solutions that enable your staff to be as effective and efficient as possible. We focus on security and continuity, ensuring that systems are in place to keep your business up and running and prevent catastrophes like security breaches.



Use the right tools to keep your business at its best.



Communication is key, always keeping you in the loop.



Safety and security is our top priority for your peace of mind.

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As a solopreneur, I need technology to keep my business organized, stay in touch with clients and create/manage my resource materials. I, however, am not a techie and used to freak out when anything didn’t work the way I thought it should. When I signed up for managed services with Wes’s team, it made a huge difference in my work productivity. I no longer had to take time to figure out things myself. I just call the Help Desk and they help solve the issue. It’s amazing to have my own IT team! Thanks Wes!

Heather L.

Ludwig Coaching

Mankato Computer Technology in under two weeks time has completed the following: saved countless hours of data on a hard drive that failed us and hadn’t been backed up for quite some time; retrieved and restored every last byte of data; and then, in good salesmanship, explained how our business could truly benefit from not only a solid and more reliable data storage system, but understood the budget our business could afford and size of a system we’d need. Thanks to Wes, Ty, Kevin and all the staff at Mankato Computer Technology.

Jay D.

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