Online Meeting Solutions are fast becoming sought after for both small and large businesses. With online meeting solutions, you can maintain effective communication from a distance while reducing time and travel costs. What kinds of solutions are out there and what are the best options for you and your business?

  • What does this tech do that a phone conference doesn’t do?– Solutions include functionality for sharing screens, shared whiteboards, transferring files, audio integration, and video conferencing. Other considerations would include support for a variety of devices: Windows, Mac, tablets, and phones.
  • What products are out there?– The most popular solutions include Citrix GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Adobe Connect. If your organization uses Office 365, their Teams solution is a great option. For a complete guide to several solutions browse to
  • An option that won’t break the bank.– So, what if you’re on a tight budget and your needs are pretty basic? We tested and now use the free solution from Meeting Burner ( The interface is straight forward and coordinating meetings with members of the team was quite easy. Some of the limitations include: only 10 attendees for a single meeting, you can only share the host screen, does not include VoIP, and you cannot record sessions. They have upgrade options that will include these and more features for $39.95/Mo. As of this article, none of their solutions were supported on mobile devices.

Effective communication is vital to the success of any organization and it’s not always practical to meet in person. Online meeting solutions have become a great alternative. If you have questions about these, or other innovative solutions, set up a meeting with the knowledgeable techs at Mankato Computer Repair.