MCR recently completed a large-scale project for a regional business that we’re very proud of. In industry parlance, this was what is known as an email migration, moving the entire organization from an old email system to a new one with better performance and functionality. The final stage of the work was performed remotely by our staff over a single weekend. Here are some of the highlights from this significant project:

  • Migration of approximately 100 users from 8 locations across 3 states.
  • Moved the organization from an outdated email system to Microsoft Hosted Exchange, allowing many more capabilities (Including calendar sharing, in-browser email accessible from anywhere, syncing between multiple devices and easy management).
  • Executed a seamless transition to the new system.
  • The project moved from planning to execution in about 1 month.
  • Minimal issues/follow up support needed.
  • Radically changed the way data is shared across the organization.  No more emailing attachments with important data– they now have an extensive SharePoint setup with appropriate permissions to take the pain out of collaboration on important documents.