It’s summer in Minnesota and that means it’s vacation time—time to head up north, take to the lake with the family, or spend some quiet time relaxing at the cabin. But for business owners and managers, it can be difficult to unplug and head off to your vacation with confidence. Luckily, current technology provides us with tools so that if disaster strikes while you’re away from the office, you can put out the fires from wherever you are and get back to enjoying your holiday.

Remote Desktop Solutions
Remote desktop tools allow you to take control of and view your work computer from anywhere, using another desktop, laptop or even your smart phone. If the worst should happen while you’re away, you can have solutions in place to allow you to quickly remote in and address the situation, then get back to enjoying your vacation.

Exchange Email
Microsoft’s Exchange email service allows you to take your entire Outlook mailbox with you, accessible anywhere with an internet connection or a cellular data signal. Exchange doesn’t stop at just showing you new messages, but will allow users to access personalized folders, calendars and archives.

Free time is a precious commodity, but the tools to make sure your business is running smoothly while you are away within reach. At MCR we specialize in enacting reliable, efficient solutions which will keep your company running at 100%, every day of the year. Call for you network assessment or consultation today.