It has become much more common over the years for businesses to allow, or even rely on employees bringing their own personal devices for use in an office environment. This may mean using a smart phone as a verification device, connecting to a shared drive with a personal computer, or accessing company email on a range of different devices. So, what is the best policy when it comes to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment?

Make A Policy And Stick To It
When companies don’t make a policy about outside devices, you can count on personal devices being used in an uncontrolled fashion. Clearly defining the standard operating procedures for outside tablets, phones and computers will help employees to understand what networks should be used, what can be accessed on those networks and what to do to remain secure.

The Tools Of The Trade
Any device that is connecting to the company’s server and network should be onboarded with the requisite security and monitoring software. Machines should be kept up to date with all updates for the relevant operating system and secured by a password, at the minimum, to ensure that a device that is lost or stolen does not end up as an open doorway to compromise the organization’s systems.

Infrastructure For The Gig Economy
Proper security planning for your company’s business model is very important. If you work in an industry that regularly relies on independent contractors, you’ll want to ensure that your IT policies are set up in a way that provides access for those who may need it, outside of the organization, while also keeping other internal information and systems siloed off from temporary employees. This may mean building a separate network for contractors with credentials that cycle to make certain that just because someone might be able to access your systems today, doesn’t mean they can access it next year.

IT security is complicated by the fact we now all walk around with computers in our pocket. Combine this with the permeability of the work/home boundary and what you have is a situation where security, data safety and Human Resources considerations are far more complex. If your organization needs assistance crafting an effective BYOD policy, contact Mankato Computer Repair.