Things move fast in today’s business environment and it can be a challenge to stay organized. Technology can sometimes seem like it is complicating our lives, but there are some great solutions out there to help you sort, collaborate and achieve your daily goals. Here are some solutions MCT recommends to keep projects moving at the speed of thought:


Get The Message

A common problem in a lot of organizations is one of signal overload. Different team members might be using half a dozen different ways to communicate, from text messages to emails, phone calls and messaging apps. At MCT, our techs and managers use Microsoft Teams for quick communication. Teams comes with the Office 365 bundle of software and it provides an easy way to send text messages back and forth, share files, host meetings on a shared screen, all with integration through Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint. 



Share Your Calendar

Scheduling meetings can be a torturous routine of phone tag and dueling emails; but there is a better way. Microsoft Outlook gives you the ability to share your calendar with others inside your organization, lets you pull up your own calendar and view it side-by-side with others and allows you to create events and send invitations. Through 365 Exchange, event notifications can be easily synced to your phone or other device, so you’ll never be without your planner. 



That’s The Ticket

For long-term planning or recurring customer service, quality project management software is crucial. Ticketing software for customer service will allow your team to take notes on individual jobs and make sure everyone is up to speed, ensuring optimal continuity of service. Many of these software products can also be used for work assignments with integration that will sync assignments and scheduling to Outlook calendars. There are many industry-specific project management platforms, but some of the big ones are Microsoft Project, Trello and Jira.



Think Outside The Post-It

There are more tools available now than ever for making digital versions of traditional analog to-do lists and sticky notes. 3M has even gone so far as to produce an app that allows you to photograph your Post-It notes and manipulate them on your phone or computer. Check out the Post-it Plus App here.



Tech should make your work life easier and more efficient, not create more headaches. If you need help getting solutions in place to help your team stay organized, add Mankato Computer Technology to your to-do list today.