Small and medium sized businesses are increasingly the subjects of cyberattacks and targeted ransomware. Customer data and crucial operational systems are a ripe prize for hackers looking to exploit financial information or capitalize on ransomware. Given these realities, it is crucial for almost any business that deals with sensitive data to deploy and configure a firewall.


What Is A Firewall?


A firewall is a network attached security device that blocks unwanted connections, regulates and monitors traffic and protects your systems from malicious processes. It acts as a layer of preventative defense between the computers on your network and the outside world. Subscription services provide regular updates to inoculate networks against newly developed threats and attack vectors. At MCT, we deploy WatchGuard firewalls, which are ideal for providing solid, affordable protection for small and medium sized office environments.



More Than A Shield


Firewalls can be configured to serve a variety of administrative tasks, beyond simply blocking intruders from your network. Certain websites can be blocked based on content (adult sites, gambling, illegal file sharing, etc.) or geographic location. It can also be used to designate bandwidth for certain types of traffic, so something non-essential doesn’t dominate the data use for the entire office.



Security From Afar


The rise in remote work illustrates an excellent use case for a quality firewall. Firewalls can be used to create a reliable virtual private network (VPN) which is an encryption technology that creates a secure connection between computers. With a VPN connection on a firewall, remote workers can access company assets from home or on the road, with the same security as someone in the office.



A firewall is a crucial component of a modern business security landscape. If you are running a business and have not yet deployed a firewall to defend your critical data, now is the time to secure your network. Call Mankato Computer Technology today for help safeguarding your business.